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How We Stayed Here For 79 Bucks a Night

NVR Guys

The other night, after a day of skiing in Whistler, we were enjoying the warm, peaceful hot tub out in the open air with snow falling down all around us. It was like something straight out of a dream. Perfect - every minute of it. First off, we could not have been closer to the base of the mountain.  From the hot tub, we could see the skiers zooming to the bottom of the mountain and hopping back on the lift.  From our room up on the 9th floor, we had a great view of all of the surrounding mountains and the winter wonderland setting.

Luxury ski vacations like this tend to be way out of our budget, so we’re happy to stick to day skiing.  About a year ago – when scouring the Internet for travel deals (a regular occurrence in our house) -  we came across a unbeatable 24 hour sale.

The Fairmont Hotel in Whistler was having a flash sale to celebrate their 20th anniversary.  They were offering rooms for $79.00 a night.  Only two rules: you had to book within 24 hours and you had to prepay in full (non-refundable).  In our world, we can plan well ahead AND plan on our terms – no annoying boss to worry about running things by.

So, we made the plan to head up to Whistler and got in on the calendar.

People always ask “How do you plan these things?”  “How do you find these deals?”  “How do you afford it?”  More and more, we have a strong sense of who we are and what we want.  We have a plan and we work the plan, setting our attention and sticking to it.

“Sticking to it” is a big part of the process, and a place where a lot of people get tripped up.  For instance, a while back, the hotel e-mailed and attempted to get us to upgrade.  No way.  We were holding on to our amazing deal.  Why would we need to upgrade at one of the best hotels in the world? Was their going to be a “bad” room? Similarly, when we arrived, we found that the hotel menu was full of inflated Olympics-level pricing - $21.00 cocktails and $30.00 nachos to name a couple.

If we started blowing our money on that stuff, the value of our amazing deal would be significantly diluted.  Don’t get me wrong, we like to splash out and we do from time to time, but we’re always mindful of making wise decisions that suit us and our goals. If it’s expensive but a soul stirrer, we’ll do it – no question. Conversely, We’re not going to buy a $21.00 drink just because it’s on the menu