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Hello from Sunny Fiji...

NVR Guys

Is what we'd be saying if it were sunny in Fiji. Travel doesn't always go as you might hope - just like life.  In the attached pictures, you see the last bit of sunshine we had in Wellington and Auckland, NZ along with a "look at this tropical paradise" picture of Fiji.

You can see from the photo that it was pretty overcast.  What you CAN'T tell is that it was about 80 degrees with something like 75% humidity.  First thing in the morning, we had quickly looked out and thought "Holy crap - look how stormy it is.  We need to really bundle up!"  Not until we got through security and stranded outside did we realize that we were WAY overdressed based on the heat and mugginess.

We were trapped in far too many layers of clothing, all the while getting mobbed by people offering to show us around and/or sell us pot.  "Need tour? Smoke weed?" they'd say over and over again as we were both stripping off clothes and grappling with the fear of heat stroke. It was not a pretty picture at all.

After zipping around, we were happy to get back to the boat in order to put on t-shirts and shorts.

Weather and other uncontrollable stuff doesn't shape our experience at all; actually, the unexpected tends to keep things interesting.

Having said that....  Here's hoping for some sunshine once we hit our next set of islands.

By the way...  Our final day in NZ was spent in sun-shiny Auckland, where we had a 15 hour visit. We squeezed in a lot of sightseeing.  Auckland was somewhat familiar to us from our previous time there, so we had a bit of a head-start in finding our way around.

As expected, both NZ and Australia delivered big time.  We wouldn't mind it at all if, one day, we could get back down that way to have a more thorough look at southern NZ.