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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Update from Sydney

NVR Guys

We rarely (never) bring the camera along when we run.  That's why we were so pleased with ourselves when we actually remembered to drag the Canon along when we went for a sightseeing run across the Harbour Bridge.  We got a lot of good shots from various  points along the way.  You certainly can't say that Sydney is an ugly city, can you? We've had a great couple of days, both productive and fun.  First off...  Yes, we've done a lot of work but have also been good about cutting the cord before it has gotten to be too much.  Like yesterday - when at the coffee shop we asked the cashier to reset the modem - we knew we were in too deep.

We've also taken a lot of time to see the city.  After a pretty solid early morning work session, we've been taking a couple hour break in order to exercise and wander around.  After lunch, we've been bearing down for another, shorter,  work session.  By the time we're done, at about 2:00 p.m., it's well into the night back at home, so most of our clients aren't e-mailing. That's given us a large chunk of the afternoon and the evening to be in full-on tourist mode.

Yesterday, at the end of our touring, we picked up some Australian wine, cheese and bread to enjoy back in the room.  We've liked having our mini kitchen, which has allowed us to make some smarter food decisions.  Being vegetarian is tough while on the road, so having some sensible options in the room has helped to alleviate that frustration a bit (so we don’t have to cheat too much).  Plus, we're both a little congested, so we want to be extra careful to eat well, rest up and all that good stuff. God forbid one of us ends up with the swine flu, given the crappy (read: nearly non-existent) health insurance that we have, I'm sure any hospital would laugh at us.

We're about to head out for our final afternoon and evening of sightseeing.  Tomorrow the real fun begins when we jump on the ship to begin cruising all the way back to the United States.