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Springtime in Sydney

NVR Guys

It's about 5:00 am here in Sydney (on Wednesday).  We are watching the sun come up from our room and are very happy to have had a good night of sleep.  After our hellacious 14 hour flight on United, we arrived yesterday at about 8:00 in the morning. And - as all the experts tell you to do - we stayed awake as long as we possibly could. We made it until about 8:00 p.m. before dropping dead last evening. You'd think we'd be good at this by now.{C} I can definitely see how people end up with traveler's amnesia (or whatever it's called) when crossing the International Date Line.  We were both screwy and out of our minds when we arrived.  United didn't help us much in keeping things clear.  They served us dinner at 1:00 a.m., lunch seven hours later and then breakfast just before landing.  It's the lunch part that was mind boggling.

Wishing we could have been on Singapore Airlines. We were laughing because United was doing this big "look how great our brand new interior looks" schpeel on the plane (a 747).  Meanwhile, one of our armrests was dangling from the seat.  You can throw down new carpet and put beds in first class, but that does not a remodel make.  Especially for those of us in row 60 who don't have a suite.  Yes, a suite - that's what they are calling first class seats.  "Please reassemble your suite"  they would say. Poor us.

Now that you've heard everything you want to know about United Airlines....

We were here in '06, so getting into the heart of the city and all settled in hasn't been a problem.  The airport is incredibly close to the city, which is a wonderful thing after such a long flight.  Also, our hotel is right on beautiful Hyde Park.  We have easy access to Circular Quay (the Opera House, etc.), Darling Harbour and all of the charming neighborhoods to the SE.  They got us into our room at about noon.  After walking around and checking out the prices of things, we were happy to see our room has a little kitchen (in addition to a killer view of the city).  We got this place for next to nothing - gotta love a deal.

We've had a lot of Australian clients who - about a year ago - we're paying 1.5 Australian dollars for every US dollar we were charging.  We felt sorry for them. The exchange has evened out much more (1.10 Australian = 1 USD), but we've also learned that they are paying a lot for things here.  We paid almost $8 for six bananas and $6 for a four pack of yogurt.

Time do do a little work and then it's off for a run across the iconic bridge.