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No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Keep the World Amazing

NVR Guys

Rather than saving all of our dreams for "later in life" or for "the right time" we've reorganized our world so that we can be living a life that aligns with what's most important to us.  As we talk about a lot, we're most interested in seeing the world, exploring how we're all connected, giving back and making a living doing something we love along the way. Thinking freely and living deliberately help us to stay focused on what's most important rather than buying into templated notions of life.{C}{C} To that end, we're about to hit the road for two biggies...  Oprah, followed by the South Pacific.  We feel very lucky to have the ability and the good health to run around the world at a good clip.  We believe that there's no better way than travel to expand the mind.  Unfortunately - due to climate change - a lot of the coolest places on Earth may not be around for people to enjoy in the future.  What's even worse is the fact that climate change has a huge impact on poverty and hunger.

In honor of October 15th, Blog Action Day, we wanted to draw attention to what's going on.  Check out the Blog Action Day site here, or, better yet, have a look at Mercy Corps’ efforts.  They do awesome work. Have a look at what we learned when we visited their Action Center in NYC.

We'll be in touch from the road!