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Hello New Zealand

NVR Guys

As we headed south from Australia down to New Zealand, the weather went from sunny to blustery. The captain warned that we were in for a rough couple of days. The ocean could be described as bouncy until last night when it turned down-right violent. Too bad, too, because it was shaping up to be the night where we might've actually stayed awake long enough to enjoy a cocktail or two.  Instead we wisely sequestered ourselves in order to get sick in the comfort of our own room. We were able to watch a good in-room movie, though, which was a welcome distraction.  All in all, it wasn't as brutal as last year’s run between South America and Antarctica, but it was certainly no picnic. Anyhow...  We must've been temporarily insane the last time we were in New Zealand, when we limited our travel to the top portion of the north island. It's no secret that the south island holds incredible beauty. Until today, though, we had no idea just how wonderful it is.  After the night of never-ending queasiness,  we woke to find ourself approaching Fjordland at the southern tip of the south island.  The pictures are from the sounds we've been cruising around.

Seeing the landscape of a country from the ocean is a pretty cool experience, which is why we were/are particularly excited about the New Zealand portion of this journey.  We're going to be darting around the south island for the next few days before heading up to the north island at the end of the week.

We hope this finds you doing well!

BTW - The last time we were on a cruise, the other passengers thought we were: 1)  onboard entertainers OR 2) war veterans (long story).  Clearly, we don’t fit a common mold, so people have a tough time figuring us out. This time, we’re getting pegged as European (whatever that means). Thanks to one loud mouthed old guy who we heard blab that idea (thinking we couldn’t understand him), we’re going to be blowing some minds when we let people know that we can understand what they’re saying. It’s like a small town.