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Happy Halloween from NZ

NVR Guys

We’re at sea.  It’s Halloween.  People are going berserk with excitement because the staff has filled the ship with carved pumpkins and decorations. Speaking of the staff...  It’s probably a good time to mention that the people who are employed on these ships work their asses off.  We’ve been getting up super early to work - because it’s late morning / early afternoon the day prior for most of our client base (thanks to the International Date Line for making that as confusing as possible).  Anyhow, the same people that we see working late at night are hard at it early in the morning.

For instance, the guy who takes care of our room (cabin, as they are called on a ship) always seems to be on the clock. Constantly. Our uber-liberal mindset and workforce-rights-guilt forces us to take care of our own room so that, somehow, Ioan (pronounced EE-WHAN) never has anything to do in our room. One or the other of us is always saying “Wait a minute, I need to clean the bathroom before we head out.” Ioan is from Romania and gets a kick out of us because we’re always trying to goad him into telling us which passengers drive him crazy. We, in turn, love talking to him because he enjoys letting us in on the behind-the-scenes scoop regarding what’s really going on at sea. Drama.

We’re barreling toward Auckland, which will wrap up our time in New Zealand.  Since we last wrote about all of the rough weather, it actually got worse and we were stuck in a port for 24 hours.  We then had to skip Christchurch.  We scoped out Wellington yesterday, though, and we continue to really enjoy seeing the landscape from the ocean.

Next up...  Finishing up New Zealand in Auckland and then gearing up for a long haul up to Fiji. Sunshine here we come!