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Goodbye Australia

NVR Guys

Our time in Sydney was bookended by incredible weather - perfect for more poking around the city. The picture above gives you a good idea of the sites we saw as we ran around the city one last time.  That’s a view from our hotel right on the edge of Hyde Park. Not bad. We didn’t leave with any kind of heavy heart, though, because Sydney is expensive. We were just talking to a guy from Vancouver who said he and his wife had paid just under $50 for two burgers and two beers. We’ve found that the high prices in Sydney sort of become a cornerstone of any conversation between tourists.  I guess that’s pretty pathetic, isn’t it.  Moving on....

Yesterday was huge for us (as far as travel experiences go); we weren’t at all prepared for the kind of day that it turned out to be.  We woke up sort of dreading the historically insufferable process of being in transit as international tourists.  Forgot to mention that - when we arrived in Australia - there was a problem with our visas, so we had to jump through an extra set of hoops.

So, in addition to the lines, the documents, the anti-terrorism measures, etc., we were worried about getting out of the country without a problem. It all gets so tiring, and we’re relatively young and healthy guys. We don’t know how people do it. Ugh.

Surprise. Getting through Customs and on our ship was 100% uneventful. We got on board relatively quickly and were able to check things out and get all settled in. As it turned out, our boat embarked from the Sydney Harbour - the world famous bridge on one side and the Opera House on the other. We weren’t aware that out ship wasn’t pushing off until after dark. Cruising away from the city in the middle of a fireworks display, we felt like we were in a postcard.

So now we are on our way to New Zealand, where we’ll spend about a week cruising around both islands. Based on our experience in South America, we’re most excited to see the fjords and the rugged landscape from the water.

Of course we can’t live this kind of life without working along the way. We feel very fortunate that our ship has wireless Internet access; it makes things significantly easier.  We’ve done a test run, and it seems to be pretty glitch free.  Ah technology. As you’d expect, the access comes at quite a cost, but it’s a small price to pay in order to be able to work from the road and to have an experience like this. Life is good.