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Been to Oprah? Check!

NVR Guys

Every time we make it to Chicago, we love it. It’s got to be one of the most enjoyable cities in the world.  This time, our few days in Chicago had an especially special impact because we went to the Oprah show. Some facts. OPRAH'S FANS ARE DEDICATED - These people (mostly women) were excited to be there - to say the least.  Sure, it's a tough ticket to get, but the enthusiasm was out of control.  Her staff steps up to the plate; they are very polished, organized, friendly and on top of stuff.  That made a - at times - cattle-callish experience quite enjoyable Except, that is, for the karaoke in the holding room.  At 6:30 AM...  really?!?!

THE REAL DEAL - To all of you skeptics...  Oprah is pretty cool, genuine and approachable in person.  She’s got that show down to a science, and she pulled off the taping with a remarkable ease and sense of calm.  Also, she treated the audience like a group of friends.

THE BEST OF THE BEST - They (the producers) started referring to our taping as being about “the best of the best.”  That description doesn’t really cut it, though.  It was a hodgepodge show that covered some “bests” and a few other things.  Definitely the kind of show you want to see taped. Positive, upbeat, fast-paced.  We even walked away with a few give-aways.

It was a good experience, as was the entire quick trip.  No trip to Chicago is complete without a visit here for popcorn and here for pizza.  This time, we also went here to have a meal at an incredible restaurant opened by Top Chef Master, Rick Bayless.

Our recommendation...  Get some tickets to the Oprah show and have a good time in Chicago. Maybe you’ll walk away with some lady jeans (like we did!).

This trip was also made possible by (and enjoyed with) our awesome friends who happen to work for the airline that got us there, making it super easy.  Thanks Sanderson and Dolly!