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The Final Lap = Vermont

NVR Guys

Getting out of Montreal and Canada was a heck of a lot easier than getting in.  The car journey didn’t seem nearly as long. This time, we were dealing with our own experience (coming into the city) as opposed to the horrible directions we had downloaded from the web. It actually reminded me of the time we were in Florida when Mapquest was still all the rage and in its nascent stages. The directions we had sent us down a dry river bed. But that was a long time ago. We really enjoyed experiencing Vermont from top to bottom. Talk about picture perfect.  All the incredible trees make it a place that we want to get back to some year in late Autumn. We chose to stay in Manchester Village because, guess what, we found a heck of a deal and because it’s set in a mountainous area that would allow us to get our hike on. Is that a saying?

We made the Equinox Resort our home base for a few days. The setting, between two mountain ranges, was as perfect as we had hoped.  After being in NYC and Montreal, it was a very nice and ultra-relaxing change. The resort has been around since the beginning of time, so it was very cool to see all of the restoring they had done while retaining the original charm. To be honest, it was all a little too Stepford wife-y for our taste, but it was top-notch nonetheless.

We did a killer hike up Mount Equinox. Which we would have passed on until the Concierge told us it would take 6 hours. Seeing that statement as a bit of a challenge, we wanted to prove her wrong (which we did). Aside from that, we spent a lot of time swimming and enjoying the amenities at the hotel. We also strolled around town quite a bit and worked. As you can see from the picture above, the town, too, has fully embraced the idea of retaining a certain look for the community. Have you seen a Gap store like that?

We had fantastic vegetarian Southwestern/Mexican food at Candeleros, right on the main drag.  This was an especially noteworthy experience because, on the road, Mexican food is always a bit of a gamble. We dug into a tasty mole dish, remarkable nachos (which is tough because we are the kings of nachos) and a couple of the best frozen margaritas we have ever had.

So that’s about it. After a few days of living among New England’s best, we came back to reality and zipped up to Burlington to catch our flights to NYC and then back to Seattle. Remind us to tell you about the fight we got in with another passenger. Yes, it’s true. Unfortunately.