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Phase 2 = Montreal

NVR Guys

We could have called this blog post “Having Too Much On the To-do List Can Cause a Breakdown.”  Driving into Montreal on Friday, we knew that we were in for a unique experience. First off - and most noteworthy - is the fact that Montreal immediately reminded both of us of about 20 places we had been previously.  You know how sometimes a city will remind you of another city - ONE other city.  Well, Montreal was instantly one of those places where we could draw parallels to many, many other destinations.

We started out feeling a bit behind.  We flew up to Burlington, VT from NYC on Jet Blue.  We then hopped in a rental car for the drive up to Canada.  Because it was a holiday weekend, the border was - of course - a nightmare. How many times can we get in the wrong lane?  Anyhow, we felt sort of rushed even before we got settled in.

All the streets around the Hyatt (a score on Priceline at around $60.00 / night) were closed because they were in the middle of a several-days-long world music festival. Nonetheless, we got checked in, shot up to our room and quickly ran out the door, heading in the direction of the Latin Quarter to find some dinner. Walking the streets and checking out the city on our way to dinner, we immediately fell in love with it.  We popped into an Asian restaurant for a quick dinner of stir fry bowls before heading back to the hotel for bed. Ah, travel days.

The next day was near breakdown day.  After several packed days in NYC, we needed to do some major catching up on work.  After all, this whole journey we’re on is about working while we see the world, give back etc. To live up to that which we wax poetically about on our “Backstory” page we were 100% determined to do it all.

On top of the work, though, we both wanted to get in a good workout.  All of this before getting out to see the city.  As we always do - somehow - we figured it out and things fell into place very well.  We’ve learned that organizing and prioritizing are very key in our world of virtual work.  We have a plan, and we work the plan.  Thank god - or this post would be written from the mental hospital.

Over the next couple of days we were able to see what seemed like every square inch of Montreal.  Old Montreal, The Village, Parc du Mont-Royal. Check check check. We also got in a lot of relaxing (that is except for the night that the hotel had a wedding reception, which kept us awake until about 2:00 a.m. enduring every horrible reception song that you can image.  Love Shack, really???).  The hotel had a newly renovated workout/pool/steam/sauna area that was just what we needed.

Time to close this out, but I can’t do so without mentioning one food item that they love up there.  Poutine.  It’s fries, gravy and cheese curd, and it’s everywhere.  We indulged once and likely reduced our life expectancy by a year.

Off to Vermont to round out this adventure.