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Vancouver is Amazing

NVR Guys

We just got back from Vancouver, BC.  What an incredible place. Living so close, it’s a top destination of ours. We had some company in town, so it was a perfect chance to show some of our favorite people one of our favorite cities. It’s one of those places that just keeps getting better and better.  I guess a lot of that has to do with the fact that they are polishing everything up for the upcoming Olympics.  Things are looking good!

More than that, though, Vancouver offers an incredible amount of diversity (in both activities and people!).  This visit was especially fun because we had the chance to experience just how accessible Vancouver really is.  We went on an 11 mile run along the water, we went over to Granville Island, and we even took a boat ride in the harbor.  Our first evening, we stumbled into one of our best meals ever at Cin Cin.  Delicious!

Once again, we had good luck using Priceline.  August is Vancouver’s most expensive month, often prohibitively so.  It took a lot of persistence over a few days, but we ended up with a top hotel - the Pan Pacific - for under $100.00 a night.  Although they were in the midst of some major renovations, it was a great location to base out of.  Better yet, a check on the web revealed that “regular” rates for that period were about $300.00.