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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Taking Action

NVR Guys

All of our plotting and strategizing as of late is paying off.  We’re firming up some great plans for the next few months - plans that enable us to work away from home-base while we learn more about the world and, hopefully, give back along the way. Remember those pesky “award miles” that we’ve been mentioning.  We’ll were using a chunk of them to head off to the Northeastern part of the country in September.  We’ll even be popping up to Canada to see Montreal, another place that’s been on THE list for a long, long time.  We’re also eager to make it to New York for a few days.  We found a killer deal on a hotel that just opened up, and we couldn’t resist.

More than that, though, we have a very important tourist attraction to check out while we are there. A little backstory...  As part of our business, we’re committed to donating services to those in need; people who are ambitious, trying to build a better life, yet disadvantaged.  We also like to give back to humanitarian organizations that believe in the potential of people around the world.  Every year, we’re going to encourage our clients to check out whatever our charity of choice may be for a given year.

Anyhow...  This year we’re focusing on Mercy Corps.  Click here to check out their website for more information. We’ll be donating some profits to them and highlighting their outstanding work from time to time. Recently, Mercy Corps opened an “Action Center” in the heart of New York City. It’s a place where you can learn all about the work that they do and commit to giving back by taking action.  We’re going to be taking a look and reporting back on what we find.  I’m sure we’ll manage to get ourselves committed to some sort of action in the process.

So, stay tuned - we’ve got a lot going on in our corner of the world.