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$119.00 RT to South America

NVR Guys

As you know from previous posts, we're spending a lot of time - especially lately - on scouting out travel deals in order to get an idea of what the next year or so looks like.  There are incredible deals out there, so now is the perfect time to get into how we put things together.  Worldwide travel is probably more accessible than you think; a lot of people hold on to the idea that it's all too expensive and, therefore, out of reach.  Take the following, for example.... We always have one eye on getting back to South America. That being the case, we're always checking out deals, especially air. Poking around the other day, I found an incredible special for RT airfare between LAX and Buenos Aires. Are you sitting down?  It was only $119.00, RT - before taxes. We can get from Seattle to LAX for about $150, so this was a deal like none other. I just kept staring at the screen with my mouth hanging open. That $300 RT from Seattle represents a savings of well over a thousand bucks. Heck, that's less than it costs to go from Seattle to New York. Unfortunately, the dates available for travel didn't mesh with what we have going on, but - of course - other deals will come along.

The key is this.... If you want to travel as inexpensively as possible, get into the habit of regularly spending a few minutes doing some investigative work.  That's how we put things together - by tenaciously keeping a consistent eye out for deals that match up with our dreams. is a great place to start.  That's a website where you can check out all things travel related - air, hotel, car rentals, packages. Kayak is a good jumping off point, as searches on the site will point you in the direction of the sites with the deals.

One more thing....  Do you include Priceline and Hotwire when you are on the lookout for a hotel? If not, you should. Priceline, in particular, has become our go-to site for over the top hotel deals. When we head to Montreal in a couple of weeks, we'll be staying at a 4-star hotel for less than $60.  More on that down the road...