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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.


NVR Guys

We're in rebalancing mode.  Staying in sync with life is (and remains) a key part of our world. Things usually go pretty smoothly in that regard.  We work at not getting too caught up in any one thing.  Because we're both prone to go overboard on any number of things, it's something that we're always keeping in check. Or at least trying! We've not been great about applying that mentality to our work.  Since starting our business, we're basically willing to work at any time and on any day, home or away.  Sad but true. We haven't gone completely over the deep end, but our work hours have gotten out of control - more than a little.  We love what we're doing, and we're happy to have customers.  We can't save ourselves from our passion (how Oprah of us).

Well, we had a self-smack-down this week.  We actually talked more about scheduling - working at least partially within some kind of framework and not exclusively at the whim of our customers.  To counter our intense work schedules (and to insert a fresh dose of balance) we knew it was time to revisit outside activities - those things that keep us out of the ever present home-office.  Let me clarify...  There's no shortage of activities. There's a shortage of relaxing. So, we figured a great place to start would be with the DVD player that has been broken for about 2 years.  Pathetic.  We got a new one AND re-upped our Netflix subscription.

Most importantly, though, we recommitted to doing more than: working, exercising and running around like madmen. We've actually carved out a couple of days for camping because we can't bring work.

Back to work... for now.  I want to be able to watch old seasons of Lost tonight. We need to know what the rest of the world is talking about regarding that show.