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A Big Mac or Vegetables

NVR Guys

We made it to see Food Inc., as promised here.  It was every bit as depressing as we thought it would be. The stuff that's going on with our food is just crazy.  It shouldn't be less expensive to buy a Big Mac than it is to buy vegetables - but it is. And - worse yet, it seems like some of these oddities are by design. Oh no, here's where I start to sound like a conspiracy theorist. Seriously, though, it all boils down to the decisions we make about what we put in our bodies for nourishment and, more importantly, what is going into kids' bodies.  The links between bad eating habits and major illnesses are astounding. During the movie you hear a lot of stories from farmers and others in the food business.  The entire idea of that industry has changed in a sweeping way over the last couple of decades. So many outside interests (large corporations, etc.) are exerting pressure on farmers in order to shape the future of the food industry. It's scary stuff.  We've also got the book The China Study floating around the house. It makes the case (a great case!) for a diet that is free of animal based products. Now that we are vegetarians (mostly), we keep getting all of these nudges to eliminate eggs and butter. The chocolate chip cookies are just to good around here. I don't think that I can take the plunge. At least all of the information is further inspiring us to be mindful of food.  We've made a ton of changes already. Between the movie and the book, I'm surprised that we want to eat at all. Fat chance.

Go check out the movie.  Go hear all of the incredible stories and take in the wealth of information. You won’t look at food the same way.