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Reducing All Kinds of Clutter

NVR Guys

Upon returning from South America, we knew it was time for a big clutter reduction project at our house.  Having gained momentum from all of the simplifying that we are doing, we sort of tend to eagerly seek out opportunities to make things easier.  It's not fun to think of the idea of going through boxes of junk or stacks of stuff that have been accumulating.  However, nothing can beat the feeling of eliminating clutter that serves no purpose.  So, we spent a couple of days tearing up the house and getting rid of crap.  Tax returns from so so long ago.  What were we thinking? A stack of home improvement related receipts from our house in Portland.  Boy, I'm sure glad we took the time to drag those up here to Seattle. We subscribe to the notion - somewhat shamefully - that the environment you live in can be a pretty obvious reflection of your life.  I'm sure you've heard it before....  If someone's car is a mess, it means that their life is likely a mess. I know, I know, it's a bit overly simplistic but give it a try.  Think of a few people you know and then pictures their homes and/or cars.  Does the clutter/simplicity match their lives?  See - told you so.

We attribute a good deal of our rejuvenated attitude to having been away in Argentina - out of our zone for awhile.  This belief ties right back to something we can go on and on about.  Sometimes - in order to see things more clearly - you have to insert some space in your life.  Change things up every now and again. That can mean a lot of things. Under-think rather than over-think. Lean into what feels right rather than going into overanalyzing mode.  For us, being away for a few weeks brought a lot of clarity into our lives - clarity in the form of rejuvenation. We weren't actively avoiding boxes and stacks of odds and ends; rather, embarking on this mission just sort of revealed itself after being away from our home-base for a chunk of time.

We had the same sort of realization regarding the news (different kind of clutter).  As we've gotten into previously, we went on a news diet while in Buenos Aires (1/2 forced, 1/2 on purpose!).  Two weeks into our excursion, we realized how much empty news fills our mind here in the USA.  This is a tough one for us to break.  We both have a habit of clicking around to see what's shaking in the outside world, beyond our four walls.  Sometimes, it becomes our only way - however lame - of breaking up a long work session.  That's gotta change.  It's the season of reducing physical and mental clutter.