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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Final BA Report Card

NVR Guys

Here are our end-of-journey thoughts... BEST DESSERT - Oreo Crema ice cream. Thank god that stuff is not anywhere in the USA.

BIGGEST SURPRISE - We’ve enjoyed our visit even more than we did last time around (and most of you know just how much we loved it here on our previous visit.).

BEST USE OF AN OTHERWISE UNUSED APARTMENT IMPLEMENT - We’ve taken to using the bidet as the world’s largest incense stick holder.

MOST EMBARRASSING LANGUAGE MISHAP - Caanan telling the laundry lady that he loved her (when he meant to say that he loved the way our clothes smell).

BEST RESTAURANT FIND - Las Cabras; we made it there a couple of times - everything was a winner.

GLAD TO KNOW - We’re happy to have had the chance to start a couple of volunteer projects with Idealist. We missed the ability to do some “hands on” volunteering, but Idealist is an incredible organization to get to know.

BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT - Dog shit everywhere.  I can’t tell you how many times we were out on the balcony having shoe cleaning sessions.

BEST RETREAT - Running in the Palermo parks - full of lakes, trees and flowers. Seems a lot like Central Park.

BIGGEST ANNOYANCE - The lack of change and small bills is baffling. It makes every transaction a long, drawn out affair. Yesterday, we ran out for bread and got it for free because the shop couldn’t make change.

FAVORITE NEW FOOD FIND - Something called a Provoletta Completa - a baked wheel of provolone covered with onions, tomatoes and herbs. These little gems are available at most restaurants. We’ll point you in the right direction if you’re coming this way.

NEVER QUITE GOT USED TO  - The time zone difference ended up having a significant impact on our ability to work as effectively as possible.

DIDN’T KNOW WE COULDN’T LIVE WITHOUT - We are extremely happy that we brought the i-Home. It allowed us to play “rain storm music” at night so as to block out the call of the city.

NOT EVEN IN COLLEGE - Everyone here drinks their beer, Quilmes, out of 40 ounce bottles. It’s good stuff AND is less than a buck.

FELL IN LOVE WITH - This time around we spent more time in our neighboring barrio, Las Canitas. A place we’ll hang out in even more next time around.

BIGGEST SURPRISE TO READERS - Do you really think we eat out all of the time???  We actually ate about 80% of our meals in (we have to keep up our reputation as mostly healthy guys).  When not out eating Provolettas, we were at our apartment eating lots of salads and a ton of squash.

IT GETS OLD FAST - Back to the dogs. There are 13 million people here, and every person seems to have a dog. Dogs are great (and the dogs here are especially beautiful), but the sheer number becomes overwhelming and even a bit disturbing.

BEST RUNNER-UP IN THE DESSERT CATEGORY (AND A SECRET SHAME REVEALED) - We got our hands on a fortune-cookie crust apple pie with a glaze frosting.  Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

THING WE WISH WE COULD TAKE HOME - We’ll miss the ideal Autumn weather that we’ve been enjoying.  It’s late Autumn, and we’re still wearing shorts. We’re gearing up to head back into Summer at home.