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Constrict Consumption

NVR Guys

We're looking forward to seeing the movie Food, Inc., for which the tag line is: “You'll never look at dinner the same way.”  Things like this always create - shall we say - mixed emotions in our house.  As you probably know, we love food (which is probably the reason we REALLY enjoy Buenos Aires so much).  Oddly enough, though, becoming vegetarian wasn't a tough call for us.

I think that our shift in thinking started to occur when we were volunteering down in Ecuador, or - even more likely - when we were in Africa.  I know it sounds pretty obvious, but seeing so may people without food really messes with you mind.  A big motivation for interest in volunteering and giving back points to one of our own tag lines -  "expand opportunity."  We actually have quite a few of these little sayings that we throw around; they keep us on track and focusing on new ways of thinking about life and success.  Anyhow, the other side of "expand opportunity" is - to us -  "constrict consumption,”  which leads us right back to vegetarianism, mindful eating etc.

So were going to head off to Food, Inc. at some point when we can tear ourselves away from work for a good chunk of time (still working to perfect balance in life).  The movie is all about genetic engineering, cloning, food-borne illness and other light topics.  After that, you can pretty much guarantee that we will never look at dinner the same way again. Mission accomplished. Seriously, though, it's just way too important to know what we put in our bodies and how it impacts other people across the world  - not to mention the economy and our land.  More later