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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Back to the Land of Normal Sidewalks

NVR Guys

We’ve been settling back into life in Seattle .  Ahhh...  back to runs and walks where we don’t have to worry about breaking an ankle on sidewalks with huge holes.  What a treat.  Yes, it’s very good to return to the land of convenience, nice to be back to the incredible landscape of the Pacific Northwest, great to be home in Seattle. Earlier today, we were downtown returning a rental car.  We had it for the weekend and found an incredible rate of only 10 bucks a day.  This brings up two things...

First, it's summertime and that means that finding a good rate on a car rental can be tough.  Because it's high season, I think a lot of people just plan on paying top dollar for everything.  That's a big mistake. Although it takes more work, good deals are out there - it just takes some searching.  Don't be the person that was ahead of us in line (a walk in - yes, walk in - who thought he'd get a good rate). Here's what went down...

GUY BEHIND COUNTER (after a lot of blah blah blah stuff):  It looks like I can get you in something for about $180.00 a day, and that includes your taxes.

MISGUIDED CUSTOMER:  OK, what kind of car would that be?

GUY BEHIND COUNTER: It looks like I could get you in a Ford Fusion.

CAANAN (INSIDE HEAD): What the hell?! A Ford Fusion?! it should be a Lamborghini for that price.

KENT (INSIDE HEAD): Oh god oh god oh god - tell me this is not happening. I can't even look at this guy.

It boils down to this.  There are ALWAYS deals out there.  Be a wise consumer.

Second - after that long diatribe - life without a car is fantastic.  Going car-less is probably one of the best things that has come out of these past two turn-our-lives-upside-down years.  Sure, we pay for a rental car every now and again.  But, as you now know, we usually get a good deal, and it's all we need.  The rest of the time, we walk, ride our bikes or take the bus (or catch an occasional ride from a friend).  We are active guys; we make a lot of tracks, and working this way is no problem.  If you live in a place where you can live your life this way, do it now!

Be smart.  Simplify.