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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

We Could Be Doing This in Seattle

NVR Guys

We woke up his morning to an especially nice day here in Buenos Aires.  The last couple of days were a bit cooler, so it was fantastic to be greeted by the return of another stellar Autumn day (70 out right now).  As we started in on our work routine, I got to thinking about all of the fun things that I wanted to get out and do in this perfect weather.  After all, although we've spent quite a bit of time here, things are still largely unfamiliar to us.  Let's just say that our "to do" list is certainly a heck of a lot longer than our "have done" list.  Anyhow, anxious to get out there to explore, I was feeling a bit grumpy. Then, I had the dreaded "we could be sitting in Seattle if we want to be working" thought, which served only to spiral me - however briefly - down a dark road.  I really took the time to think about it for awhile.  We're pretty swamped with work so - on some level - sitting here working in exciting and still-relatively-new-to-us BA is sort of a mild form of torture. It was actually starting to feel a bit like punishment - like being grounded as a kid.  The huge windows that serve as our portal to the city (see previous blog post) don't make it any easier.  They're only an unnecessary reminder that the impressive, dreamy Palermo neighborhood is waiting right outside of our door. A reminder that we just might be missing out on the best part of spending several weeks down here.

It wasn't until popping out for a run that I got my head on straight.  We're experiencing the "best" part of being here simply by being here.  Sure, we're probably not actively uncovering as much of the city as we'd like, but something much more worthwhile is happening no matter what.  To be able to step away from our own everyday culture is precisely what is truly the best part of our time here.  We don't pay attention to news, we aren't bombarded with advertising and we don't have the mindless patterns that “regular” life makes it easy to fall into.  Merely existing here (for more than a vacation) forces us to be more present, to think critically and to act mindfully.  It's like the ultimate power lesson in living deliberately, which is just how we want it.

So, rather than doing a ton of uncovering, we'll be getting better at letting things unfold.  We have the indescribable good fortune of being able to live our lives from where ever - doing work that we love, engaging in meaningful volunteer activities, enjoying another culture and learning a lot about ourselves and life in the process.