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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

This Just in - an Afternoon Update

NVR Guys

OK, Now I feel like a reporter with a breaking news update!  Just wanted to pop back on for a moment to say that we made it to the much-hyped restaurant (mentioned earlier, here).  So as not to improve our track-record, we were once again the first people to show up.  In this most a of cases, we really and truly could not have cared less because this restaurant is a bona fide mad house every time we go by. It’s worth a special post because it’s our new best friend in Buenos Aires.  We had a shepherd’s-pie-like, squash / veggie /oozing cheese crock of culinary perfection. We also had a flavorful squash quesadilla that, interestingly, came with french fries (and not so interesting because everything comes with french fries around here).  We even went a bit crazy and split a bottle of wine because we have our own business and can show up to work drunk after lunch. I’m just sayin’.