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The Vibe Here 5/10

NVR Guys

People are always asking what it is about Buenos Aires that we love so much, so lately we have been trying to pinpoint just what it is.  This is just the kind of topic we like to cover as we do one of our famous "let's walk from this end of the city to that end of the city" marathon walks.  What was remarkable during this particular discussion is that we kept coming up with counterpoints... "Ita isn't the cleanest city in the world," "it isn't very easy to get around" and, the most common, "it sure can be loud."  What we realized is that what makes the city so wonderful is not at all tangible... it just has a certain vibe. How’s that for a description that communicates nearly nothing.  It’s just that it hums like a well-rounded city and has all the energy / bustle one would expect, BUT it is also a laid-back.  People take their time here (mostly) and seem to treat each other very respectfully.  There’s also a fair amount of mystery with the late nights and the tango. This makes BA very intriguing and beguiling.

JUST OUR LUCK - The other day, we forced ourselves to push off dinner so that we could head out to try one of the neighborhood restaurants.  We held off until 9PM before taking the short walk to the place we had chosen.  When we arrived, we saw that we were the first people there.  Contemplating whether to just get a table or maybe walk around for awhile to kill some time, we decided that we were way too hungry.  We swallowed our pride and were the first people to snag a table at the huge restaurant.  We were so ready to eat that we couldn't stop remarking about how glad we were that we just did it, despite the lack of a crowd.  Closely examining the multi-page menu for just the right choices, we saw that they didn’t accept credit cards.  We had no cash. We put down our menus, ran back home and had leftovers - rice, cheese, and guacamole burritos.  We'll get back to La Dorita before our time here is up and when we get even better at staying up later.

CUANTO CUESTO - As mentioned before, the currency exchange is treating us pretty well down here.  A sampling of what we've been paying: lunch for both of us at a "nice" place = $13.50 (with tax and tip), huge pizza for take out = $9.00 (3 meals), 8 avocados = $3.50.

FOUND NECESSITY - We got our hands on peanut butter.  The excitement in our apartment cannot be contained.  Enough said.