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The Dogs

NVR Guys

THE DOGS - One of our favorite pass-times continues to be roaming around trying to figure out the  abundance of dogs - and the dog-walker thing - in this city.  We mentioned our fascination in a previous post. Dogs are big part of life here, so dog walkers are an unmissable part of the street scene.  These people regularly walk 10 - 15 - even 20 dogs (usually enormous) around the neighborhoods.  We enjoy observing how they navigate they city and wrangle the dogs. PS - poop is everywhere; people aren’t walking around with baggies.

VOLUNTEER UPDATE - As we suspected after our initial meeting with them, Idealist has us getting involved in a few volunteer pursuits.  The biggest is related to a project ensuring that the non-profits that utilize Idealist's website can connect with individuals in the most effective way possible.  One of the big ideas behind Idealist is to serve as the conduit between different entities (organizations, individuals, etc.) so that people have a vehicle through which connections can be made. This allows Idealist to be even that much closer to better fulfilling their mission - providing people with the tools to pursue their dreams and to live robust/free/dignified lives. This isn't exactly what we had in mind as a "core" volunteer opportunity, but we think Idealist is so cool, and they love the fact that we can "plug in" a much needed set of competencies because of the work we already do surrounding HR and career development.  They also want us to do some writing about living the life we are living - working virtually, pursuing volunteer activities, etc.

HERE’S THE DRILL - We’re a couple of weeks in, so we’ve definitely gotten into kind of a groove.  It took a little longer than expected because of a few unexpected things (most too convoluted to get into in a blog).  One little damper has been the fact that we’ve both been recovering from colds.  The biggest fallout - if you can call it that - is that being a little ill has kept us from fully giving into the madcap BA schedule.  We’re both feeling much better now, though, so we’re thinking of having a big night out.  It will start with dinner at about 11PM.  I can’t even type that sentence without yawning. We’ll let you know how THAT goes....

As far as the day to day stuff - the transition has gone more smoothly than expected.  When we’re not trying to sort out work or our volunteer pursuits, we enjoy taking little breaks to check different things out.  Maybe we’ll head out to an interesting place for lunch, or maybe we’ll go for a long walk and chill in a park.  Yesterday was a stunning Autumn day (we have been fortunate to have had a lot of those), so we broke away from the apartment to hang out in a nearby park to people-watch and to play Yahtzee.  Other than lots and lots of meandering around like that, free time is spent going to the market, dealing with laundry, running out for bread, and all the other “normal” stuff, which can take a lot longer down here as we continue to piece things together. As this recent blog entry gets into, it really is enjoyable to play the role of temporary resident and to focus on simply living here.  Everyday it gets a smidge easier to resist the gravity that wants to pull us towards the all-out tourist lifestyle.