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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

The Best Thing

NVR Guys

Without a doubt, the best thing about our apartment here in BA is the huge window that occupies the entire front wall.  It lets in some great light (great for working), and we have a beautiful view.  Of the three places we've rented here - over our 2 visits - this is by far the best match for us.  The other great features are: 1) that it actually has a bedroom rather than a “studio” set up and 2) that it is located on the backside of the building - further away from noisy nighttime Buenos Aires.  Which isn’t really saying much because you can hear EH-VER-Y-THING in these building, no matter how new.  Which makes me think that we should be eavesdropping on our neighbors in order to learn more conversational Spanish.  Hmmm.

UPDATE ON VIRTUAL WORK - We're about a week into our big working virtually while away from home-base experiment.  We're off to a great start. The most challenging thing has been getting used to adjusting to a new time zone; rather than being consistently behind a lot of our clients, we're consistently ahead of them.  So - when we'd rather be winding down for the evening - we usually have a bit of work do to in order to stay in touch with people living in the US time zones.  Luckily, though, we've always had a lot of clients from all over the world, so we've historically had to remain consistently aware of time zone difference.  Right now, for instance, we have a client in Denmark.  The other work-related item that has come as a gigantic relief is that we have reliable Internet access.  Our apartment is equipped with WiFI that has come with minimal glitches.  The only thing we're trying to figure out is why our otherwise kick-ass connection doesn't stream music/voice/radio very well.

PEOPLE JAMMING - We have a lot of musical people in our neighborhood.  Oftentimes, as we're about ready to head for bed, we'll hear various neighbors start to jam.  It usually starts with random drum beating and then some guitars joining in.  Our jaws are always on the ground because this usually gets rolling at about 10PM.  Speaking of which, for two nights straight - due to their Labor Day holiday - the commotion went on so late and so loudly (even by BA standards) that we thought we were hallucinating.  On the ground floor - right outside of our bedroom window - folks were going full tilt until 6AM.  It’s the sort of thing where your jostled out of your sleep, and you fly out of bed because it’s so deafening that you are 100% certain that you’ve missed your alarm and it’s the evening of the next day.  And here we thought we were doing so good because we've been skewing our bedtime to around midnight.

ONE MORE THING - Sorry if this is turning into a series of blog posts about noise and food (what’s new).  It’s just a reflection of what’s on the minds of K and C.  And if I can leave you with yet another snippet of food news....  We have found what we honestly believe to be the best ice cream in the world.  I know, I know - you’ve heard it before .  This time it’s not just another superlative.  Anyhow, we’ll get into the details of the ice cream in another post.  For now, let me just tell you that this wonderful ice cream has been the source of some heated discussions between the two of us.  The problem is that we have had it every single night for the last several nights.  It’s become a habit that we can’t break, probably because the ice cream shop is at such a logical ending place after our long walks (or so we tell ourselves). Call Jenny for us because we can’t help ourselves.