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Tchotsky Shops

NVR Guys

Buenos Aires is full of all sorts of little shops that are crammed full of myriad things.  As is often the case in international cities, it's difficult to spot many of these shops because they are routinely well concealed and on the other side of doorways that are not obvious at all.  Add to that the fact that a lot of these shops keep strange, inconsistent hours; it can be frustrating.  Last time we were here, we were on a mission to get to La Pasionaria - a early/mid- century antique and knick-knack shop chock-full of interesting items (and some crap). The picture above gives you a good idea of the look of these places.  They are a blast to explore.  That is, at least, before they tell you to put your camera away.

WHAT THE HELL WERE WE THINKING - As you hear us say over and over again, we have enjoyed the best imaginable weather.  Sublime Autumn days, usually in the 70s.  Enjoying this weather so much is reminding us of the last time we were here in the hot, humid days of summer.  Sure, we enjoyed it very much, but it was SO hot.  I vividly remember being drenched in sweat 90% of the time.  Sitting in a restaurant was nearly unbearable.  Here's a tip...  If your heading this way, you may want to gravitate away from January and February. We will in the future.

BUILDING BRIDGES - We talked to our neighbor today.  You know - the one who hates us because we are always accidently ringing her doorbell (thinking it's the light switch) at the most inappropriate times.  Well, it turns out that she's a New Yorker who speaks incredible Spanish.  We're jealous (about the Spanish speaking part).  She's lived here for about a year, so she was happy to give us the low-down on everything.  Nothing like apartment building gossip. Now, if only her dog, Sammy,  would quit barking every time there’s even the slightest little noise.

Tonight, we’re heading out to dinner followed by tango watching.  The coffee is already brewing.