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Something Worth Repeating

NVR Guys

While we're certainly having a great time, It's not ALL kittens and rainbows down here in Argentina. We mentioned briefly, in a previous post, that Dengue Fever (yikes!) is a huge problem.  Well, it's worth mentioning that we hear a lot about it because it's a serious concern that is mysteriously hitting urban areas as well.  Because we don't fully understand the language, we don't know the half of just how devastating this outbreak a become.  We see signs like the above all over a, and we've heard about lots of fundraisers/activities etc. to help people in marginalized communities who are the most significantly impacted.

To be honest, though, we're just sort of "sticking to our knitting" and keeping our heads down. Because we arrived in Argentina during the narrow window when they were most concerned about the Swine Flu, we were/are to report ourselves to the Office of the Health Minister (which we are conveniently ignoring).  Also, in addition to our work with Idealist, we were set to do some volunteer work with an organization that works with kids in marginalized communities. Because Dengue is predominantly hitting people in these disadvantaged areas, we were hit with the reality that it's not wise for us to take on this kind of work.  While we're certainly missing that more "hands-on" element to our volunteer work, we're happy that we're not making unsound decisions.  Also, as is usually the case, we're already on the verge of spreading ourselves too thin.

FROM THE BLOOPER REAL - Yesterday at the restaurant where we had that insanely good meal, I had narrowed down my choices and was asking the server to help me with a final selection.  The only problem was that I was saying "which is woman" instead of "which is better" as I had intended. I'm sure she thought I was loco because I was trying to sound so assured and confident in my Spanish speaking skills. Awkward.