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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Snack of Snacks

NVR Guys

Ahhh.. las medialunas - the croissant-like treats that portenos (BA residents) are crazy about.  We are too, and that's not a good thing.  You see, they are everywhere, and we will eat them.  They were even lying around the Idea List office the other day.  Like mints at the door.{C}{C} NO PEANUT BUTTER - It makes us crazy that we can't find peanut butter here.  We can work around a lot of the other food absences but having no peanut butter seems wrong.  Come to think of it, the lack of salsa is no fun either (but we make that - no problem).  Argentina has yet to fully recover from their huge economic collapse about 7 years ago.  Actually, it was so big that they may never fully recover.  That reality - coupled with the current worldwide economic crisis - has, we noticed, brought food prices up at the markets.  Alternatively, though, the exchange is quite favorable for us.  It is currently at about 1 dollar for 3.70 pesos.  Last time around it was at 1 dollar for about 3.15 pesos.

CAN WE PLEASE JUST PRACTICE OUR SPANISH - It's quickly coming back to us that Argentines love to practice their English a lot... and I mean A LOT.  We try really hard to enter into conversations attempting to improve our Spanish.  They always beat us to the punch, though, insisting that we speak in English.  “No, NO! In English,” they say. Frustrating.