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A couple of nights ago we were out with some new friends, sitting at a cafe and exchanging experiences, must-dos, life stories - all of that stuff.  We ended up going to a place right across the street from our apartment, a place that we’d always pass saying “We’ve gotta get there before we leave.”  We always seem to be so worried about making it to the far-off places that we don’t pay the deserved attention to our own neighborhood. In the process of enjoying this little gem on the corner, our friends told us about all of the other noteworthy places nearby. Verdict = it’s a great neighborhood for us to stay in on return visits to BA. We love that it’s comparatively quiet, tree-lined, and incredibly easy to get to/from. In a word - awesome.

As the clock ticks, signaling our return home, we are in disbelief that our to-do list is longer than it was when we arrived.  Today we’re going to cross a couple of things off: El Ateneo Bookstore and a dinner spot.

SPEAKING OF OTHERS’ EXPERIENCES - We just had an interesting conversation with someone who has been working down here for about 9 months.  When the conversation moved towards sharing ideas for what to do in BA, we came to the conclusion that she was pretty clueless, spending most of her time in her apartment or at work.  We've had some rough scheduling dilemmas since we've been here, as we've been fortunate to have a lot of work come our way.  However, we've also been good about incorporating a healthy amount of exploring into each week.  If nothing else, the conversation helped us to feel a little less lame about our long to-do list.

HATS AND GLOVES - We’ve had a couple of chilly days, and everyone has taken to wearing their complete winter wardrobes.  The weather has barely shifted, and it's already hats, scarves, boots and "it's sooo cold" everywhere we go.  It's been in the mid sixties.  Not too bad. We're thinking that residents just jump at the chance to roll out the winter wardrobe.  It’s strange, though, because the last couple of days have actually been humid.