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NVR Guys

THANK GOD THIS PLACE ISN"T CLOSE - We just ventured out into the Recoleta area.  We found a really cool European looking/feeling pocket that we didn't see the entire last time we were here (which left us confused because you are always hearing so much about how amazing Recoleta is).  Well, we finally get it in a big way.  Our walking adventure payed off especially big because we found what we both agree is the best pastry/dessert shop that we have run across so far.  The place is called Florencia, and it's located on the smallest, most obscure street you can conjure up in your mind.  Not surprising, the place totals about 200 square feet, with 2 tables outside and 3 inside.  On to the good stuff.  (But first, let me say that I wanted to get a picture of the shop but was on the verge of complete shock based on how incredible the food looked).  We couldn't decide between the regular cheesecake with fresh berries, the dense chocolate cheesecake, the brownies (rare here), and the traditional alfajores.  Well, we went with the alfajores (click for definition/description) because they were homemade. HAMMER TIME - We’ve been telling a lot of people about what is in style this season in Argentina.  Simply put - hammer pants.  Remember those?  I know, I know; it’s absolutely unbelievable because - speaking for everyone in the free world - didn’t we all think those were gone for good?!  I have to say, though, that these people have it going on, and they know how to pull off the wacky fashions.  Another thing to add to the list of things we need to get a picture of. Maybe one of us will put a pair on for a photo.

YOU DECIDE - Here's a little story that reaffirms exactly why it's always smart to stick with the food of the local region when traveling.  We had a hankering for something different to eat (especially since we are mostly eating in).  We went to a great Mexican place with a gorgeous rooftop deck.  We ordered 2 burritos and 2 sodas.  There is almost no Mexican food down here, BTW. It was 50.00 pesos / 13.45 US. Compare that to the other day when we we made it out for our Argentine-time dinner (yes, high-fives all the way around - we ate at midnight). Here's what we had: a huge pizza, homemade ravioli, salads, a platter of fries and two glasses of local beer.  The total came to - drumroll lease - 72.00 pesos / 19.37 US.  Let that be a lesson :)