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How Do You Say “Running Shirt” in Spanish?

NVR Guys

There's something that's so gratifying about getting clean laundry when away from home.  We love going to our little laundry place (the same place as last time) every week.  They do a great job with our clothes, it's nice to support a local business and it costs next to nothing.  Yesterday, upon returning home, we realized that about 10 items of clothing were missing (not uncommon).  We were scrambling, trying to figure out how to say the names of all of the items in Spanish, before racing back to the shop.  The goal is always the same...  Catching the shop-keeps before they give your missing items to someone else.  It can turn into a nightmare.

SQUASH AND AVOCADOS - We've been loading up on these two items since we've been here because both are incredibly inexpensive compared to home.  Avocados, in particular, have become a part of every meal imaginable.  We've also developed a huge hankering for butternut squash.

NEED MORE SPANISH LESSONS - The other day we're having lunch at a sort of Argentine version of a buffet.  The guy who is serving me a plate of pasta starts staring at me and pointing at his neck.  I have NO idea what he is trying to stay.  It's uncomfortable because people are all around, it's loud and I'm clueless.  Usually, I can understand Spanish quite well - it's the speaking part that's typically problematic.  Anyhow, I think I was distracted because of the whole pointing at his neck thing.  Well, I quickly took it to the worst place I could and assumed that I had something on my neck, which I promptly started swiping at.  After some embarrassment, I figured out that he was asking me what cologne I was wearing; he thought it smelled good.  I felt like a ding dong for not catching on more quickly.

We’re heading out for a beer with a new friend.  The weather has been very unpredictable lately, so we want to take advantage of this gorgeous day.