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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Dreaded Morning E-mails

NVR Guys

Our experience here is evolving considerably.  Each day, we figure out new little things that make living - and especially working - easier and easier.  One perpetual and mostly uncontrollable source of frustration, though, is that we start to receive a lot of client correspondence at just about the time that we're going to bed. I guess it makes perfect sense.  A lot of people back in the United States are just getting into their evening routine when we're calling it a day. A little context...  We coddle our clients to the point where if they don't receive a return e-mail within 4 minutes, all hell breaks loose. So, as e-mails pile up overnight, we often wake up to messages like this:

Message 1 from Catherine: "Here's the extra information you requested.  I'm excited to see where things end up."

Message 2 (2 hours later) from Catherine: "You have been so quick to respond that I hate to ask you to get back to me ASAP, but I have to because I am really anxious to apply for that job that closes...."

Nothing like a little sense of urgency to get the heart racing every day.  And to think we don't even have good coffee with which to greet these types of e-mails.  If we were completely out of our minds, we could stay up until 3AM like every other person here, and this wouldn't even be an issue.

SPEAKING OF EVOLVING - Our volunteer work is also taking unexpected twists and turns.  Yesterday we were told that Idealist is going ahead with a plan to plug the work we’re doing into a much larger project that they are getting off of the ground.  Tomorrow, we have a conference call with the entire project team in order to find out how everything pieces together. This is good, I suppose, being as we've barely scratched the surface in terms of figuring out what in the hell we're doing.  It is heartening to know that Idealist is really committed to making sure that our contribution is meaningful.  They have project plans and goals and deadlines and all kinds of things that make us feel like we're back in the corporate world. Kidding (I think). Even more heartening is the fact that they are most interested in assuring that are volunteer work aligns perfectly with what we do in our day-to-day work. Tomorrow, we're also having a meeting about volunteer project #2. It sounds like they want to get us involved in something that speaks to people who want to engage in community/nonprofit work abroad. I think we're test-subjects. Confused?  Get in line right behind us.

In a little bit, we’re heading out for a big walk to an area we haven’t checked out yet.  We’re also going to attempt to snag a seat at what we’ve decided is the busiest lunch/dinner spot in town.  We tried to go there the other night for dinner but had no luck.  The groups of BA women were playing the seductive charm card in order to get the male employees to bump them up on the waiting list.  It worked. The lengths people will go...