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Day 6 and Our Neighbor Hates Us

NVR Guys

Our apartment building's hallways have little lights that you flick on; they stay on just long enough for you to walk a bit only to then flick on the next light on your path.  Great for energy conservation!  NOT great for those who don't see as well as they should (Kent). The big problem is that these little light switches also look like the doorbells for the different units.  We keep mistaking our neighbors doorbell for the first light switch outside a our door. You can imagine her contempt for us as the American guys who keep completely different hours than she does.

WE ALWAYS FORGET THE BASICS - Lots of people are asking about our apartment.  We're located on a beautiful (quiet!) street, Guatemala, in the Palermo neighborhood.  Our building is new and has 8 floors with a postage-stamp-size pool and laundry facilities on the top.  (Note to self: get some pics of the view from up there).  We're located on the 4th floor (which is called the 3rd floor here).  Each floor has 4 units - 2 on the front-side and 2 on the back-side.  Luckily, we're on the backside in a unit with a fantastic - and rare - territorial view.  You enter our unit in the middle.  To the right you'll find the kitchen/living/balcony area.  To the left you'll find the bedroom and bathroom.  The entire unit is about 15 feet wide and 45 feet long.  Small, but perfect for this type of visit.

VIRUS UPDATE - People have been curious about the status of the swine flu here.  We haven't heard much talk about it until yesterday, when we learned that officials are putting together a proactive plan.  We think it's reactionary because they - along with only Cuba - are prohibiting certain populations from entering the country (all of Mexico at this point).  We also learned that as Americans who recently arrived, we are to report our presence to the Health Ministry.  In a double-whammy, Argentines are also concerned about Dengue Fever because 21,000 cases have been reported (yes, seriously).  Scary stuff.