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What to Eat

NVR Guys

Things are starting to come together for our return trip to South America.  We were laughing at ourselves over the weekend because - just as we get the vegetarian thing worked out - we are heading into the land of beef: Argentina.  At least it’s good quality beef - grass fed etc.  Unfortunately that doesn’t address the fact that the animal still ends up getting killed.  Add to that the fact that we just got pretty good at being loyal vegans 4 - yes 4! - days a week.  Who knows, though, it’s all a very fragile equation anyhow, and we are not 100% anything.  We regularly fixate on the idea that we are going to, at any moment, tear into the neighborhood Thai place for crispy garlic chicken. We’re feeling good about the journey south.  Just spending some time checking things off the pre-trip to-do list has calmed our heart rates a bit.  Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the bump in the road concerning our rental.  Get this....  When we wrote to our rental agency to confirm, they tried to change the Terms on our rental (not in our favor).  Granted - and in fairness to them - our final plans were up in the air for quite some time, so the details were confusing.  It was a messy and tense few days before things simmered down and got resolved.  We’re hopeful that we’ll have a place to sleep when we show up.