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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Reality Check & Breaking Our Senior-Citizen-Like Schedule

NVR Guys

Yesterday, we called the credit card company to let them know that we’ll be traveling out of the country and to please please please not “block” our credit card.  When we were away in South America last time, they deactivated our card so many times that we continually had to have 3 backup plans in place at any given moment. Being stranded at the Buenos Aires airport trying to figure out how to make a collect call at midnight was no fun at all. So, I’m telling the guy on the phone the dates, and he is astounded at how long we’ll be away.  I let him know that it’s probably not exactly as thrilling as it may appear; after all, we’ll be working.  I let him know that so that he could contain his excitement. Unexpectedly, he becomes even more blown away.  He said “Who gets to work from South America?” It seems nuts that such a silly conversation could serve as a big reality check for us.  We are very lucky that we get to work, volunteer and explore South America all at the same time. And we’ll be even luckier if we have a working credit card upon our arrival :)

We’re taking off in a couple of days, so we are actively trying to get out of our senior-citizen-like schedule in order to be fully prepared for the real world in Argentina. A world where everything starts later than we are used to. Remember what happened last time? To be better prepared this time around, we’re gradually pushing dinner time later and trying t

o wait until it’s dark to go to bed. Yes, really!