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Ready to Celebrate

NVR Guys

OK, it’s a productive couple of days of getting acclimated, so we’re thinking that we’re ready to actually celebrate our arrival and the beginning of this adventure “doing it all” from Argentina.  We are having incredible Autumn weather (81 right now) and are thinking that we’ll sit out on the balcony tonight and enjoy a Quilmes - the beer around here - or two. We have a decent territorial view that is begging to be enjoyed.

AHHH, FOREIGN COUNTRIES - We saw a little girl on the street pleading with her mother that she had to go pee.  Without skipping a beat, the mom dangled the girl over the curb so that she could do her business.  I’m wondering if adults can get away with that as well.  As is often the case outside of the US, toilets are not easy to come by here. I actually have to time my fluid intake for that reason.  Wait, or am I just old?  Whatever the case, I think they’re on to something down here.

THE CURRENCY DILEMA - I can think of way too many things to talk about concerning the currency around here.  Thinking better of it, though, there is no sense in getting into all of that (mostly because a lot of it is just a mad-making reality of life here).  Long story short, we go to the market to purchase about 30 pesos worth of goods.  We whip out 100 pesos to pay.  The clerk acts as though we have just presented her with 10000 pesos.  They put you through hell unless, it seems, you pay with no more than 1 peso above your purchase total.  First, she had to ask every person in the 10 deep line if they could make change for us.  Then she had to send the manager (?) to the back of the store twice to get the correct change. I thought the guy two people behind us was going to break a wine bottle over my head. This is why we need to have that beer tonight :)

DOG CONVENTION - Have we mentioned that the people here love them some dogs.  Dogs are everywhere, and they are all gorgeous.  We’ll have to post a picture or two.  We have the great fortune of being on a quiet street on the backside of our building.  However, the dogs come together a couple of times a day around the hood, and it is loud.  Like, don’t-make-the-mistake-of-having-a-client-call sort of loud. The guy I was on the phone with must of thought I was at a dog pound.  How professional.

Speaking of which, time to get back to work before heading out for a walk.  Stay tuned for the scoop on that and for full details on our volunteer work.  Everything is coming together!