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Kissing People

NVR Guys

Yesterday we had the chance to spend a nice chunk of time out and about, due to the fact that we had our initial volunteer meeting.  The picture above was taken just after we exited the subway station.  There’s the never out of view obelisk pokinag above the rooftops.  As you can see, it was another incredible Autumn day.  Weather got into the low 80s - shorts and tees all day - ahhh.  But I digress. BACK TO KISSING - We’re huge fans of big hugs with those we know (and even those we don’t after a very short time).  However, in “business” transactions, it’s tough for us to go beyond the handshake.  USA norm, right?  So, we go to a meeting yesterday and experience the embarrassing reality of jabbing people in the stomach as we go for handshakes while they are rushing in for the half-hug and a kiss.  No big deal, but even we think it’s a bit strange to cross that “space” boundary with someone you’ve JUST met.  Good god.

ON TO SOMETHING SUBSTANTIVE - The meeting with Idealist, where we’ll be volunteering,  went better than we could have imagined.  We met with two people in order to discuss the projects where we might best fit.  Idealist works to “empower all people to live free and dignified lives.”  As part of that mission, a lot of their work is all about connecting people/organizations that can assist each other.  A piece of that involves helping non-profits to build capacity  (through more robust HR practices). On the other hand, exercising that mission involves arming individuals with the resources they need to begin to make a difference in the world.  So - lucky for us - there’s a huge connection between their core work and the kind of HR and Career Development work we’re doing.  By the end of the meeting, we had actually come up with far too many things that we could help out with.  We’re going to solidify things within the next couple of days.

MOBBING OUR PEEPS - We went to three different places in an attempt to get converters.  For some reason, we weren’t successful at communicating exactly what we were talking about. We also had difficulty understanding all the situation-specific lines at the grocery store (home delivery only, cash only - endless options). We spotted a couple speaking perfect English (and Spanish) and “rushed” them for information/translation.  That’s a nice back-down strategy when the dictionary isn’t cutting it.

We’re winding up some work before taking a break and heading out to do some exploring.  We really have to take advantage of some of this perfect weather while we have it. Buen dia!