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Getting Settled in Argentina

NVR Guys

It’s very early - especially by South American standards - on Monday morning.  We made it to Buenos Aires yesterday with no problems.  Our flights were on time, right down to the minute.  A first.  Aside from nearly falling asleep in front of our place while waiting for the rental agency (the security guy felt bad and let us in), we did pretty well powering through and staying awake as long as possible. (Hmmm... maybe things aren’t too “normal” yet - I just did a reread of this and found that I misspelled a lot of words.  Sorry if it doesn’t make it to you in better shape.) RULE TO LIVE BY - Never let someone who is more exhausted than you are lead a business transaction.  The woman who conducted our apartment “orientation” had just concluded her Saturday night when joining us here on Sunday.  It was brutal trying to read contracts, inventory the apartment and exchange money.  Oh, and this was in Spanish.

IT’S OUR FIRST DAY - How soon we had forgotten that most every merchant will ask for a passport when using a credit card.  It happened all over the city as we set out to load up on supplies (without our passports). Frankly, we were thrilled that the credit card even worked.  As was the case last time, we had to resort to full-on begging mode in order to get them to process the transaction. “Es nuestro primer dia,” we say - with lots of expression and hope.  Trust me, our world is a safer place when we are wandering around with as little as possible; the passports need to remain tucked away 99% of the time.

NIGHT CAP - We threw nutrition out the window last evening and stopped to pick up a large pizza and a jug of ice cream on the way home.  This is probably a good place to mention that the US dollar is strong against the Argentine peso (even more so than last time).  Both delicious items came to about $9 US.  Not bad at all.  And not a bad way to end the night...  if you don’t factor in the fact that every single dog in the neighborhood decided to start barking the second we went to bed.

TIME FOR WORK - That’s a strange thing to be saying from a foreign country.  We have lots of e-mails etc. to catch up on, and we are eager to get all of our work tools in place to see how this all goes.  That, and we’re excited to continue getting our footing as we reacquaint ourselves with the city.  Watch for regular posts - just click the RSS button on the main page.

Time to finally get this site back online and sent out!