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From Tofino to Ucluelet

NVR Guys

It’s as incredible as we hoped it would be up here.    First off, we’re staying at the perfect place.  As I write this, we’re looking out at a storm pounding the rainforest and the beach right outside of our window.  As you travel north to south (from Tofino to Ucluelet) in the Pacific Rim National Park, the landscape seems to get more and more rugged.   It’s also a bit less developed as you move from north to south.  Suits us perfectly.

Our hotel is right on - I mean right on - what they call the Wild Pacific Trail (pictured above).  It extends for miles and miles right on the coastline.  One of our first activities was to enjoy a 6 mile run out on that trail.  We wished we would have brought the camera along; it was perfect for picture taking.  We’ve since made it back to the trail with the camera.  While it hasn’t been as ideal for pictures, the stormy weather has been enthralling. We’re constantly feeling as thought the waves are going to reach up and grab us off of the cliff-tops. Makes the heart pound a bit.

We’ve also spent a fair amount of time checking out the different trails and beaches that line the Park.  No shortage of things to see.