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Heading to Vancouver Island

NVR Guys

We got up this morning and drove up to Tsawwassen, British Columbia to catch the ferry over to Nanaimo on the east side of Vancouver Island.  After arriving, we'll be heading over the island to the Pacific Rim National Park area on the west coast of the island.  About 8 hours of travel time.{C}{C} Now, we're definitely "we've always wanted to do that" kind of guys.  We're such seekers that it seems the to-do list of life is never ending.  Having said that, getting over to the this particular part of Vancouver Island has occupied the paramount place on our dream list (and for the longest time).  It's something we've put off because it's always seemed like such a trek - lots of car time and lots of ferry time.  We love the Pacific NW way too much to have waited this long.

We're currently on the BC Ferry (very nice - feels like a mini cruise ship, complete with a gift shop), eagerly awaiting our arrival.  After a panicked start to the day - having to return home after forgetting 2 items - things feel calm and relaxing now that we have made it through the border and safely on the ferry.  We're looking forward to some major hunkering down and storm watching.

By the way, they seem to like us again.  The border guy was very chatty.  Could it be the Obama magic.  Hopefully that's the case when we head back to South America.

More once we arrive.

Update from the road...   We are stuck in Nanaimo.  The credit card wouldn’t work - the CC company is telling us there’s nothing wrong with it.  We’re sort of in the endless cycle of calling, trying to use it, calling.  Now we’re doing shifts.  Crap.