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Complaining and Other Thoughts

NVR Guys

Random thoughts for the new year... -Here's the deal.  It's said that 30% - 40% of the "connecting" that humans do is via complaining.  What a downer.  After paying a lot of attention to the conversations we have and the words we use, we know that we can stand to do a lot less of it ourselves.  When you really start to ponder the idea of laying off of the complaining, you realize how much of it goes on.  bellyaching for the sake of bellyaching is a waste of energy.  At least that's the self-talk we're practicing in order to commit to stopping it ourselves.

-We've gotta get reengaged in Spanish lessons soon - before heading back to South America.  Knowing a bit was so helpful last time around, particularly in the volunteering arena.  this time around, we want to be even better prepared so that we're not hiding in the lunch room with our Spanish-to-English dictionary trying to figure out what in the hell someone just said.  You can fake it - and boy did we get a lot of mileage out of that - but not for long!

-Being believers in the power of positivity, we're really gonna take a crack at cutting out the negativity.  Besides, we also want to be the kind of forward thinking, open minded people that we like to align ourselves with.  Don't get me wrong, it's not a HUGE problem in our household, but - honestly - imagine not complaining.  Think about all the little things you fuss about in a single day.

-OK - we've made a decision...  21 complaint-free days starting sometime next week.  "Sometime" because it still seems like a daunting challenge.  Keep in mind that we're also trying to be mindful vegetarians.  We're doing amazingly well with that, but it's not easy, as we are uberfoodies.  I digress.  Anyhow, gotta remain aware of the potential for goal overload.  We certainly don't want to snap when trying to be fuss-free.