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Washington, DC - #4

NVR Guys

BRIEF REPRIEVE - Last night we enjoyed a very long and much needed downpour. It had been so hot, that no one seemed to mind getting absolutely drenched.  That welcome change didn’t stick around for too long, though; today seemed to be the hottest day yet. SIZE MATTERS - We noticed a small group of tourists turning around in circles, struggling to determine which Monument/Memorial to visit next.  When one in the group asked about a contender visible in the distance, another dismissed the idea, saying “It’s too small!”

CAN’T GET ENOUGH -  This morning we took a nice run by many of the Memorials and Monuments.  Tonight we are going to head over again to see what they look like after dark.  That’ll make three visits.

CHECKED OFF THE LIST - Today, we also made it to Union Station (so huge!), the Postal Museum (pictured above), The Library of Congress (closed - damn) and The National Gallery of Art (all three blocks worth).

THE HOMELAND SECURITY MONUMENT(S) - Thanks to the work of this department, most attractions are so heavily barricaded that it’s ridiculously difficult to make your way around.  Just who are are we keeping out? We’ll show you those pictures at some point.

GREAT PLACE FOR AN OPINION - As you can imagine, everyone here in DC seems to have a strong opinion about the election.  We’re happy to report that there’s a pretty big Obama vibe in the air.  We plan to carry the message along as we hit the road.

ARE WE EVER LEAVING - Yes, our good time here is coming to a close tomorrow morning.  Based on what we have projected, it’s set to be our longest day of travel on this adventure.  Check back to see where we end up tomorrow night!