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Washington, DC - #2

NVR Guys

THEME OF THE DAY - Walking and walking and walking in order to see nearly every Memorial and Monument. BAD START - The White House Visitor Center was the first place we went this morning, We ended up taking a pass after peeking in the window.

OVERHEARD - A five or six year old boy - as red as a fire truck - pleading to his parents that he “had been through enough today!!!”  It was just before 11:00AM, and I gotta say I don’t blame him.  It was HOT out there.

UNEXPECTED SURPRISE - The FDR Memorial.  Why don’t we hear more about this.  It’s very pleasant, walkable and, unfortunately, a bit off the beaten path.  We were inspired by the parklike setting and the powerful quotes, speaking mainly to peace and unity (see the above picture for a sample).

THOUGHTS ON SEATTLE - We met a local guy who had to let us know that his brother divorced, moved to Seattle, choked on a chicken bone and died all alone. Not sure how to respond to that.

CAANAN & KENT SPEECHLESS???  - The Holocaust Museum is likely the most emotionally stirring tourist attraction we’ve ever visited; we were enrapt.  Hundreds of people were inside, but you could have heard a pin drop.  Checking out the exhibits served as a stark reminder that we must use our voices to stop any action that threatens the rights and dignity of any human being.

CAN’T-WAIT-FOR-ACTIVITY - We were pretty much enthralled by our experience today and now can’t wait to see all of the Monuments/Memorials by night.  They say it’s spectacular.

NEXT MOVE - Tonight we’re going out on the town, which means we’ll have to stay up past 9:00PM.  Time for a nap.