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NVR Guys

HIGH AND WIDE - We arrived in St. Louis early enough to take more time (than we’ve had in other places) to enjoy seeing the city.  We went for a long walk downtown and, of course, to the big St. Louis draw, pictured above.  It really is a spectacular site, offering much more architectural interest than we had originally imagined.  Looking up gave us headaches because it is one high arch. SLEEPER CABIN - Our hotel was in the old Union Station building.  Completely renovated, the huge and historic building made for a unique hotel experience.  We lucked out - it was a nice place with everything we’d want.  As we are also working from the road, the solid Internet connection was especially welcome.

CRACKER-LIKE CRUST - We found a restaurant known for its St. Louis style pizza.  initially, we were slightly non-plussed because we were told it has the thinest of thin crusts.  What fun is that?  Well, we ended up being won over.  The most significant difference - when compared to what we are used to - was the creamy, cheese-like sauce.

HIGH WATER - Throughout Missouri we have seen insanely high water everywhere.  It is directly impacting the lives of so many people here.  Before long, it will translate into higher food prices across the country.  At least residents of Missouri are enjoying some of the lowest fuel prices across the country (that is if you can enjoy gas that is $3.75 a gallon!).

SO MUCH FOR SMALL TALK - We have noticed that the South and Mid-West are very vocal about the issue of abortion.  We see all sorts of billboards, license plates and bumper stickers on the topic.  Just drove past a gargantuan sign exclaiming “Love all your babies - born and unborn.”

THE CITY OF FOUNTAINS - We’ve got a lot that we want to tackle while in Kansas City.  So far, all we can say is that it is green with trees everywhere.  Should be fun.  We hope to visit the a BBQ joint in KC for something they call burnt ends.