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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.


NVR Guys

LAND OF ENCHANTMENT - We found Santa Fe to live up to New Mexico’s slogan; it was incredibly quaint and artsy - a good combination.  Apparently the two major industries are art and holistic healing. Namaste.

GUT BOMB - How many times do we have to remind ourselves not to make snap decisions when it comes to the all important act of eating.  When we arrived at the suggested burger joint we had wanted to experience, it was closed.  We literally went to the first place we could find with an “open” sign.  Two stomach aches and eight Tums later, we convalesced and vowed to do better.  Note to selves: the idea of Frito Pie is much better than the reality of Frito Pie.

WATER COLORS - Today, the Painted Desert of Arizona was definitely more of a water color.  The day started with intense sunshine but moved into steady rain followed by more insane storms.  It was interesting to watch this shift in weather as we traveled towards Flagstaff.  The above picture was taken right out of the car window for your viewing pleasure.

ENOUGH ALREADY - We noticed a disturbing trend as we moved across Arizona - too many road signs with absolutely nothing but gibberish and hyped up marketing.  Things such as “Get your camera ready.” “Why aren’t you exiting here?” “World’s largest dreamcatcher.” Needless to say, we resisted the urge to give in.

WE STAND CORRECTED - Flagstaff is well on its way to being named to our list of favorites. We dig it here.  We walked the streets in the historic part of town and came across outdoor music, wine bars, unusual restaurants and a diverse mix of people.  It certainly gets the award for biggest surprise thus far, as we were expecting a trashy little Grand Canyon spring-board.

UPCOMING TERROR - At dinner, a woman was talking about how terrified she was on the Grand Canyon Skywalk (the recently built glass-bottomed structure that hangs over the GC).  It got us excited for our trip up that way tomorrow.  We may be out of Internet zone in case you don’t hear from us on here; we’re planning on camping and hiking for a couple of days.  Oh and, for the record, we made a very wise choice for dinner tonight.  An excellent brew pub where we had a burger and shepherd’s pie.