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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.


NVR Guys

WHAT A SURPRISE - We were intrigued by Montgomery because of its close association with the Civil Rights Movement.  Unexpectedly, we found this small capital of Alabama to be charming and inviting - in addition to carrying such a rich history. NOT LONG AGO IN THIS COUNTRY - Yesterday, even after our long day of travel, we couldn’t wait to get down to the center of town to see the Civil Rights Memorial and the adjacent sites.  Knowing that the person who did the Vietnam memorial in DC also had a hand in this one, we were even more anxious to have a look.  What we found was a simple and profoundly moving tribute to what went down in this country less than fifty years ago.  As you can see above, the setting sun made this Memorial even more powerful and dramatic.

WHAT YOU CAN”T SEE - The flat surface on the top of the cone chronicles - in a circle - various key dates associated with that period in time.  Of course, it mentions local resident Rosa Parks and ends by noting the death of MLK.

STRETCH BREAK - On the way to New Orleans, we decided to spend some time in Mobile, Alabama.  Again, we were surprised to see just how much is going on; they have a very walkable and interesting downtown.  We went inside a shop and bought some of the best peanuts we’ve ever come across.  Even speaking the same language, we barely understood a word the shopkeepers were saying.

SOMETHING FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY - We saw many billboards in Alabama advertising a widely popular “Gun Show and Peanut Festival.”  Too bad we’ll miss it; we’d like to hand out our Obama literature.

RUN FOR COVER - Just before arriving in New Orleans, we  drove into a horrible thunderstorm.  So bad that visibility was zero and every driver was pulling off to the side of the road.  Lightning was directly above us, and the thunder made the car shake even while driving.