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NVR Guys

A BUST - The big plan for yesterday (Saturday) was to attend a town-wide BBQ in a city in Kansas.  Well, it was an absolute non-event - just a couple dozen people that all looked related. We’re brave but not that brave. So, we decided to head further down the road in order to find a place to camp for the night. THIS IS NOT A TEST OF THE EMERGENCY BROADCAST SYSTEM - Driving further across Kansas, the weather turned from blazing hot to disturbingly stormy. Needing to regroup and figure out our now altered course of action for the night, we stopped at a rest area to plot out a plan.  When we stepped out of the car and into the wild weather, we could hear only the blaring sound of the EBS, warning people about the tornado that was in the vicinity. Imagine our horror.

70 MPH, YA RIGHT - This was one point where we definitely bonded with the locals and took their advice to NOT listen to the EBS.  Rather than taking the suggested advise of finding a “basement or most interior room” to hide in, we joined everyone else and drove as fast as we possibly could to get out of the storm’s way.

A TRUE KANSAS EXPERIENCE - I know, I know... it sounds like the biggest cliche imaginable to be caught in a storm in Kansas, but that was our experience, and we think it was pretty cool to witness (we can say that now that it’s all over with and we didn’t hear about any injuries etc.)

NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE - We were disappointed, though, that we didn’t have quite the experience we were hoping for in Kansas.  We ended up making it all the way to the Kansas/Colorado border area.  At that point, it looked like another beautiful summer day.  No sign of the panic that had been present just a few counties back.

A BRIEF INTERMISSION - Today, we’re heading into Denver; it’s nice to see the mountains in the distance.  We’ve been in and out of the car every day for a week (see above reaction to gas prices); we’re gonna take a bit of time to reset and rest a bit, connecting with family in the area.