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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.


NVR Guys

BEHIND ROME - Kansas City is second only to Rome in the number of fountains in the city.  The city does not look like anything we expected.  It is spectacularly green and tree filled, with fantastic pockets of cool attractions dotting the city.  We headed down to Country Club Plaza, the country’s first suburban shopping/entertainment center.  It fills something like 20 square blocks and is buzzing with restaurants, nightspots etc.  We also breezed through the Crossroads District and the 18th and Vine District to get a better sense of what the city is about. HEADQUARTERS - We spent a chunk of time at the HQ of Children International, the charity we sponsor through and volunteered with.  They have got it going on at that place! You’ve heard it before, and we’ll say it again; the work that they do is incredible.  It was great to have the opportunity to see the place from which all their worldwide goodness flows.  The best part, though, was meeting the people who make everything come together.  A definite highlight of our adventure.

THREE MAGIC WORDS - Our fondness for those we met at CI was confirmed when we heard the three magic words “Let’s go eat!”  Then, when they said that they had BBQ in mind, we were thrilled. Road food rocks!

BEANS, BEANS, THE MAGICAL FRUIT -  We went to a place called Jack Stack and had the “burnt ends” that we had heard so much about.  The highlight - by far - was the baked beans.  Evidently, they are cooked under the meat so, as they claim, you get “huge chunks of fallin' apart hickory-roasted brisket in every mouthful.” Two words.  Good god.  Thanks for the memories, CI gang!!!

THE QUINTESSENTIAL AMERICAN HEARTLAND - Today we head deep into Kansas; we’re not 100% sure where we’ll end up for the night.  This is one state where we really want to take the time to get a sense of the towns and people among the rolling prairies and wheat fields.  We also hope to pass along some of the Obama-mania (see above) that we are now filled with.  Watch for details when we come out on the other side!