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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.


NVR Guys

AH, TECHNOLOGY - Here we are camping in the middle of nowhere at the GC, hoping that we don’t die of heat stroke.  Yet, we can pop down the road a couple of miles and find a wireless Internet connection.  But we’re ahead of ourselves... TAKING IT EASY - Today, we had very few miles to look forward to driving - only about 80 from Flagstaff to the GC.  We got up early, though, and reveled in the opportunity to move at a slower pace.  We did a little work, watched the Hillary/Obama event, had horrendous road-coffee and strategized our plan for this highly anticipated day.

NOT COMPLETE PANDEMONIUM - It’s nuts here, but not as crazy as you would expect.  We figure that’s due to the whacky economic situation.  Interestingly, we are coming across many, many foreigners.  Must be nice to be able to capitalize on our weak dollar.  Anyhow, we arrived around noon and got settled into our campsite, which is thankfully a bit remote and away from the crowds.

POINTS OF INTEREST - We immediately made our way over to the rim in order to get the lay of the land.  What a goose bump moment when you have that first look.  We took our time taking in all of the sights from various points along the rim.

OVERHEARD X 2 - Mom says, “It’s much bigger in person.”  Kid says, “Dad, the Grand Canyon is bigger than a person!!!”  Our favorite of the day (and there were many) was when we heard a worn out mother trying to cajole her family back to the car say (after a deep sigh) “Well, it all sorta starts to look the same, doesn’t it?”

OVER THE EDGE - At that point, we were just getting going.  After some last pictures up top (see above) we headed down into the canyon on South Kaibab Trail.  There’s not a lot can be said about such an unusual and picturesque hike; you’ll have to see the pictures.  Let us just say that getting back up is no small feat.

A ROMANTIC DINNER BY FLASHLIGHT - We had an early night in the interest of being energized for a full day on Saturday.  It was so warm that we slept in a coverless tent, allowing us to have a panoramic view of the sky and stars.  If the GC doesn’t make you feel insignificant, the sheer number of stars in the sky sure will.