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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.


NVR Guys

UNDER A SPELL - Upon heading out of Denver, we realized that the food experiences we had in the South and, most notably, in TN and Missouri, are burned into our psyches.  Neither one of us can keep from trying to duplicate our food experiences from out that way.  Weirder yet is the fact that we haven’t even been 100% aware that we are doing it.  Completely out of character, we had BBQ sandwiches, BBQ pork loin and BBQ salmon while in Denver.  We must be crazy - what are we doing eating salmon in Colorado?  We need a food intervention.

#1 “CANDIDATE” FOR ROAD TRIP THEME SONG - We were starting to get concerned by the fact that no tune was emerging as our de-facto road-trip theme song.  Well, it turns out we were just thinking way too hard about it.  You know that crazy Barack Obama crowd-stirrer by Stevie Wonder (essentially running very soulful scales to the words Barack Obama)?  We constantly find ourselves attempting to duplicate it both inside and outside of the car.  We were having a good laugh over it with Neil this morning.

FOOL ME ONCE, SHAME ON...YOU; FOOL ME...THE THING IS YOU CAN”T FOOL ME TWICE (thank you George Bush for providing fodder for our blog) - We are no longer concerned about our ability to find a Safeway (see earlier post).  We successfully searched out and made it to a Safeway that wasn’t a back-country moonshine and god-only-knows-what-else establishment.  Although, it did appear to be the worlds oldest grocery store.  We were waiting for Sam the Butcher to walk out. At least we didn’t mess up twice.

SEEN ON THE ROADSIDE - The roadside attractions are starting to get very very interesting.  We passed a souvenir shop displaying those enormous, velvety blankets/rugs that usually don things like the face of Elvis; you know the ones.  Anyhow, those we saw were priceless.  Guess which of us wanted the one with Dr. Dre and which wanted the one with magical unicorns?  Just kidding.

SPIRIT GUIDE - We’ve long wondered about the fabled draw of Taos.  Today we had a chance to see/feel it for ourselves, taking a detour off the main road on our way to Santa Fe.  Incredible setting, charming town - but much larger than we expected.  The picture above provides a glimpse at the dynamic terrain between the two cities.